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The ideal choice for any type of flooring due to its superior durability and low water absorption.  It can be used in interior and exterior application.  It is made of the highly refined clay and fired at extremely high temperatures.  The resulting tile is very dense which virtually absorb no moisture.  True porcelain tiles have a water absorption rate of under 0.5%.  Porcelain tile comes in a large variety of shapes and sizes.  For ease of care and its imperviousness to moisture keep stains and soil from setting in, porcelain tile is hard to beat.

Tiles have a high breaking strength than other flooring and maintains the appearance much longer than other floors, as it is extremely harder and non- porous too. Porcelain tile flooring is hard wearing material where it can resist to stains, scratches, fading and chipping.

Tile is much easier to maintain as it repels stains and doesn’t require any sealing for water resistance. Porcelain floor tile looks great for years to come with very little maintenance.

Porcelain floor tile is an ideal choice for the areas of home of high traffic and will outperform other tiles in both long- term appearance and durability.

You have limitless styles in porcelain tile flooring as these tiles are made to look like granite, slate, marble, wood or limestone depending on the style you look for.