Creating Cozy Spaces in Your Home


Expert Tips for Bringing Comfort to Your Holiday Home

There is simply nothing better than having a cozy spot to come home to at the end of the day. This is especially

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true as the holidays approach. The experts at Floors In Style want to help you create the perfect retreat in your home, for you and your guests. To get you started, we’ve come up with a list of simple updates or additions that can really bring the holiday spirit home, this season and every day.

Updates Made for Relaxing

Our homes are often a refuge from our busy schedules or stressful work. We want to come home to comfort and warmth, and when it comes to the holiday season, we want our guests to feel the same way. Here are some of our best tips for adding a touch of comfy to different areas of your home.

  • Florida Room or Sunroom-  Many homes, particularly in the south or along the coast, have sunroomsor Florida rooms. If your home has an enclosed porch or sunroom, here are few ways to bring some extra warmth and comfort to your design:
  • Add Cabinetry Just a few cabinets can create storage or even sitting spaces for lazy evenings enjoying the sunset. Look for cabinetry that is sturdy and that blends in with your sunroom’s color scheme.
  • SeatingIf your Florida room has a strong and supported ceiling, consider adding a stunning porch swing. If not, there are many beautiful gliders or comfortable rockers that will give you the perfect space to relax in. Make sure all seating is weatherproof for outdoor use if you have a more open sun room.
  • Ceiling FansA properly installed and placed ceiling fan will not only keep your sunroom cool, it can also chase off bugs.
  • CarpetingDepending on how much your sunroom is enclosed, you can also add carpeting. Check with carpeting experts to see which materials will work best. Imagine stepping into your sunroom early in the morning and feeling the comfort of carpet at your feet as you enjoy your morning coffee.
  • Blinds/CurtainsWith any open space, you have to create some shade. Install a few blinds or a swag design of curtains to create a beautiful place to enjoy without the blaring sun.
  • Study or Office Space Even a study can be relaxing if you add the right touches. Plus, with the right design elements, your study can reflect your taste and help you relax.
  • Go LightFor a fresher and more relaxing look, you can go white or light from head to toe in your office.Shaw CarpetsLighter colors tend to create a more open and alive feel. Start with your floors, add similar colored cabinets, fixtures, and furniture.
  • Go DarkIf you want a more classic look, go dark. The rich colors create a more serious and subdued look. Start with classic dark wood flooring then match your cabinets and furniture. Add some metallic touches throughout and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another time.
  • Cozy NooksAdding a peaceful nook is a simple change that will make a big difference. Simply add some cabinets, some cozy seating, and shelving for books. Place a few pillows and a comfy blanket and you have the perfect tucked away retreat. Kids and guests will flock to this hidden spot.
  • Kitchens Our kitchens are the central stations of our home, the hub for all sorts of activity. You can quickly add some comfort by making a few quick changes.
  • PantryAdding a pantry is easier than you might think and really helps with the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. You can simply dedicate some extra cabinets for storage or create one from scratch. Pantries will help guests find everything they need and make them feel at home.
  • Kitchen Island/Bar AreasAdding a kitchen island or bar area will help create a comfortable spot for your family to snack, chat, or regroup in a casual setting.


Holiday Homes Overflow with Warmth

The holiday season is always a hectic time of year. It is also a season full of warmth, joy, and love. Let your home

overflow this holiday season by adding a few simple touches to simplify your life and bring comfort to your house. If you have any questions about any of these additions or changes, simply call Floors In Style at 239-431-7920. Our team of experts is always ready to help you create the home of your dreams. You can also make an appointment online to get started. We can’t wait to bring some holiday comfort to your home.

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