Make Small Bathroom Look Bigger


Tips and Tricks and How to:

For a lot of us, our bathrooms are little retreats from the world. Unfortunately, many homes have small or

cramped bathrooms that feel less than relaxing. Floors In Styles can help you make your small bathroom feel much bigger. With just a few adjustments, you could be looking at a room that appears much bigger and more relaxing.

Design Techniques That Trick the Eye

If you aren’t wanting to completely resize your bathroom, a few adjustments can give you the feeling of a bigger room. Here are a few design techniques our experts use to create the feel of a bigger room:

  • White Out– Go white! Top to bottom, use white or light colors as an expanding technique. White creates an open feeling that will truly make your bathroom feel bigger. Don’t do a mix and match color plan with other colors, though. If you want a bigger look to your room stick with white flooring, tiles, ceiling, and as many white accents as you can. It may seem bland, but it is really very classic, rich, and relaxing.
  • Let Your Light Shine!- Flooding your bathroom with light will create the feeling of a bigger space. Ifyou have a window in a discreet area of the room, open it up. If, like most bathrooms, you don’t have windows, add lighting that enhances the feel of your room. This could be wall sconces, lamps, ceiling lights, skylights or even a pretty chandelier.
  • Big Mirrors– For any room in the house, mirrors create an illusion of more space. The reflection of

the room surrounding the mirrors makes the room feel borderless. This tool can actually double the size of the room when you look at the design.

  • Small Furniture Pieces – If you feel the need to put furniture in your small bathroom, keep it small. A tiny accent table, dress bench, or towel racks are perfect for a small bathroom. The small size of the furniture actually makes the room look bigger. Just make sure the furniture fits in the space, matches the décor and has a purpose.
  • Niche Shelving– Bathrooms naturally require a lot of storage for linens, soaps, and other essentials. Whenever you can, include niche shelving. This type of shelving is built into the walls so it doesn’t take upspace and is easily accessed without making the room even more cramped.
  • Clear Glass Shower Doors– A clear glass on the shower door gives the illusion of more space. Whenyour eye sees open space, it automatically attributes it to the room, not to a section of the room. Clear glass doesn’t have to be boring either, there are plenty of styles and designs that can make your glass shower door look stunning. Match this with a beautiful lightly colored tile or stone flooring and you’ll have a bathroom that feels like an oasis.

Small Bathrooms Grow with Small Adjustments

Any tiny bathroom can feel spacious when you use the adjustments suggested above. The friendly and experienced staff at Floors In Style can help you expand your bathroom with a few simple changes or a whole bathroom remodel. Whatever it is you are looking for, we will help you find it. Call us today at 239-431-7920 or make an appointment online today. We’ll have a relaxing retreat waiting for you in no time.

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