Top 5 Tips for a Stress-Free Remodel


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Fall is upon us once again. While we don’t experience the same drops in temperature as the rest of the nation,

things do cool down a bit. Finally. For Floridians, that means fall is the perfect season to start thinking about your remodeling projects. Cooler weather and less rain create perfect opportunities to build on additions, restore old favorites, or even remodel a kitchen of your home. Floors In Style knows how a remodeling project can take over your home, so we’ve come up with a few tips to help you get the best remodel for your home. Here are our top five tips for a stress-free remodel:

  • Be Creative and Stick to Your Vision- Designers are very talented and helpful people, but they don’t have to live in your home or office. You do. So when it comes to designing and planning your remodel, stick to what you like. Take the advice of your designer or remodeling expert because they know which materials work best and have years of design experience, but be true to you. This is your home and you should love what you choose to live in. Not sure what you want? Shop around online on sites like Pinterest or Houzz, pin ideas and show them to your team.
  • Use Professionals – Unless you are Bob Vila or are a licensed contractor, you need to go to theprofessionals. Remodels take a lot of time, hard labor, and expertise. Seek trusted professional flooring and remodeling experts, like the team at Floors In Style. They know every aspect of the job and can save you both time and money. More importantly, they will keep you and your family or office staff safe. Trying to DIY a cabinet installation or anything that affects electrical wiring is not only difficult but downright dangerous. Leave the big jobs to the professionals.
  • Bring Your Budget- Remodels take time and money, make sure you’ve budgeted for both. Try to include a little bit of a cushion for both your time and money invested into the project. There are plenty of things that can spring up out of nowhere, so don’t spend all your budget on labor and materials. Leave a little breathing space for any surprises that might happen during the remodeling process.
  • Ask Questions- A good professional will help you every step along the way. However, they can’t know the routines in your home or how you use certain areas. Before you hire a professional, ask them lots of questions, including:
    • What materials work best in this room?
    • Do you have a Portfolio of projects like this one?
    • What types of procedures do you use for remodeling?
    • How long have you been doing these types of projects?
    • Do you have licensed and insured installers?
  • Give Yourself Lots of Options- You might be sold on a certain style of flooring, or type of cabinetry but you should still look at options. Choose a supplier or installer that has a larger variety of choices. This will be helpful if your choice doesn’t work with your room or if the style you were looking at is out of stock or discontinued. A business with multiple options will have ways to get the materials you need and have a better knowledge of your remodeling project.

Enjoying Your Remodel Can Be Easy

When you follow these basic tips, your remodeling process can be fun and exciting. Be prepared and don’t be afraid to follow your vision. When you work with a team of dedicated professionals, you can sit back and enjoy the process. If you have more questions or need some ideas for your remodel, call Floors In Style at 239-431-7920. We are here to help you every step of the way. You can even make an appointment online. Let’s get started on your remodel today!

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