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New technology and techniques bring new flooring designs. As you go through your remodel or build, you might

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start wanting to make a different statement in your home or office. Floors In Style is here to guide you through the latest trends and newest products for your remodel or interior design. To make it easier, we’ve come up with a quick list of five of the biggest trends in flooring right now.

Five Biggest Trends for Flooring

  • Rustics & Reclaimed Woods- Recently there has been a large demand for rustic or reclaimed wood. These options come in lush colors and beautiful textures that easily reflect the style of any home. They also match wonderfully with new trends on mix and match furniture, burlap touches, and painted wood signs. Another advantage for choosing rustics is their timeless look and durability. These floors already have a comfortable worn look to them, so regular wear and tear is disguised. Plus, when it comes to rustic or reclaimed wood, you can easily get the look in many different styles and many different materials. Some materials available include:
    • Engineered Hardwood
    • Wood
    • Tile
    • Laminate


  • Industrial Metals- People really love the industrial metal look. It’s a classic and sharp look, particularly for offices. Deep, rich tones flow throughout the flooring. Plus, you can choose these tiled designs for backdrops, walls, and outdoor areas. They give that rustic, time-worn feel that shows off both classic designs and modern flair. Floors In Style offers incredible industrial metal looks in tough engineered stone materials. Styles to choose from include:
  • Weathered Iron- This look is reminiscent of beautiful New York flats and industrial flooring. It is also extensively used throughout the design world and one of the most popular looks. The engineered stone is made to resemble the look of worn and rusted iron, with dark luxurious colors.
  • Worn Sheet Metal- For the more refined or classic look, distressed sheet metal is the perfect pick. The mixture of color and texture is a perfect background for a chic flat or fashionable office meeting room.  
  • Freshly Milled Iron- These engineered stone tiles give the beautiful look of iron that has just rolled out of the mill. They come complete with flame markings for texture and depth.
  • Patchwork-Mismatched and patchwork styles are becoming very popular in homes across the country.bathroom-full-walls-of-thumblestone Variations in color, texture, and even materials can be used to really add more color and personality to any room. Choosing patchwork designs or mixing elements can really make a room unique. If you aren’t quite ready for a patchwork style, just consider adding different elements in different areas of the room. Stone in one section, wood in another. With this style trend, there is no limit to your design options.
  • Textures, Textures, Textures- One of the top trends happening now has to be textures. This can be in your flooring, wall tiles, cabinets and just about anywhere. Beautiful textures make people feel at home and also add depth to any room. Consider the following products for added texture:
    • Natural Hardwood
    • Engineered Hardwood
    • Stone
    • Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles
    • Carpeting
    • Vinyl
    • Laminates
    • Pictart Painted Tiles


  • Bright Bold WhiteWhite is always a classic look that gives you a lot of flexibility in your designchoices. The big trend now is using white on white. Going with white tiles, white cabinets, and white flooring in your kitchen, bathroom, or even your bedroom has become very popular. The best thing about white on white when you use any type of tile or vinyl flooring is that it is so easy to clean. Plus, you can change the entire look of your room with a few design changes and never have to change the white. Versatility and ease at its best!

Start A Trend with Your Own Dream Designs

For many of us, our homes and businesses are our pride and joy. They reflect who we are and what we love. At Floors In Style, we want to help you pick the best design for your home or office. We offer a large variety of styles and products that can help you create your own dream design. Who knows, you might just start a new trend! Call us today at 239-431-7920 to get started, or simply make an appointment online. We can’t wait to get your dream room started.

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